Loyalty Program FAQ

How do i join?

If you are an existing CAMI NYC customer, you are already signed up to the loyalty program as long as you've created an account! Just sign into your account and review the loyalty page to see your tier level. If you are a new customer, simply sign up for an account here. Once signed up, be sure to sign in and check out with the same email each time you shop.

How do i earn points?

You earn 1 point for every dollar you spend before taxes. You can also earn points by leaving product/site reviews or completing other tasks that can be found on your loyalty homepage. Spend/earn more to hit each higher tier and gain access to more benefits!

Do points expire?

Points expire a year after they are earned.


Example: if you earn 200 points on May 3rd, 2024, those 200 points if they are not used, will expire on May 3rd, 2025.

How is my tier determined?

Your tier is determined by the amount you spend in a calendar year (Ex. Jan 1, 2024 – Dec 31, 2024).


To reach:

Insider- simply sign up!

Gold- you must earn 1,000- 2,999 points.

VIP- you must earn 3,000+ points.


Once you qualify, you will instantly move up and have access to that tier's perks through the rest of the current calendar year. As you move up in Tiers, you will retain all benefits from your previous tier.


When does my loyalty tier reset?

The loyalty program is based on orders placed and a rolling 12 month calendar. An order remains a qualifying value towards your tier for 365 days after the order is fulfilled and the points for the order are added to your account.


For example, customers who place an order qualifying them for a specific tier, (ie, a $1,000 USD order qualifying them for the Gold tier) crossed the tier entry threshold on May 3rd, 2024 will retain that tier until May 3rd, 2025.



When you are signed into your account, your home page will list all of the rewards tiers. Your current tier and perks will be highlighted with a box around it.

when will i receive my birthday gift?

Make sure that you've registered your birth date on your account page, and look out for an email from us on your birth date.

When will i receive my annual gift?

Only Gold and vip tier members will receive an annual reward. the reward is sent on the anniversary date of creating YOUr store account.

how will i be given early access to sales and launches?

At Gold and above, you gain entry to our exclusive email list, ensuring you're among the first to know about our exciting sales and launches.


Expect an email prior to the sale or launch, giving you the opportunity to explore our latest offerings before they're made available to the public.

How do i access double points day?

We'll notify you via email about upcoming double point days. Simply check your email regularly to stay informed!

How do I receive points for writing a product or site review?

You can only earn points for a product or site review when submitted directly from the review email that is sent a few days after a purchase is made. Reviews submitted directly on our site will not earn you points. You can only earn up to 250 points per month (1 review), but are more than welcome to submit as many as you want!



Yes! Simply sign up for an account using the same email address you used to place those orders. Once signed up, you will be able to see the points you've earned!

I earned points on my recent purchase, but now I am returning it. What happens to my points?

If you use your rewards towards a purchase and later decide to return that item, your rewards will be returned back to your account. For example, if you use 250 points ($25 off) towards a $300 purchase that you decide to return, the $275 balance will be refunded to your credit card and the 250 points will be returned back into your account.

how do i redeem points at checkout?

To redeem your points in checkout, use the slider directly above your cart total to choose the amount you would like to apply, then click the "APPLY" button.

I tried to redeem points but was not able to The points, now they are no longer in my account, what do I do?

iIf you try to redeem points, but are not able to because you already entered a promotional code or we are running a sitewide sale, the points are converted into a promotional code. The code can be found under your account, then under Rewards History. There you can see all points earned, returned and any codes you have available to use. Once points are redeemed, even if they are not applied to an order, we are not able to revert them back.


Are there any conditions tied to using points? 

Yes! Please see below a list of the coupons we offer


$25 off (250 Points)- order must be a minimum of $100 pre tax

$50 off (500 points)- order must be a minimum of $150 pre tax

$75 off (750 points)- order must be a minimum of $200 pre tax

$100 off (1,000 points)- order must be a minimum of $250 pre tax

I have more questions!
Who can I contact?

Our customer service team is happy to assist you
with any questions or concerns!

Please reach out to info@caminyc.com for any additional inquiries.