Your BEST bod ever! Review of our favorite workout classes in NYC.

Swimsuit season might be over but that doesn’t mean your workout regimen should be put on the back burner! Whether your more of a spinning girl or a pilates girl, our Cami Crew has compiled a list of our favorite classes in the city. 


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Don’t let the dark, candlelit rooms fool you - the energy at Soul Cycle remains high from the moment you sign in until the moment you hop off the bike. There’s nothing like a high energy class with instructors that play the role of motivating spin heroes and all-star DJ’s. SoulCycle is more than just a bike ride - it’s a spin class that combines choreography, weights, and engages your legs and core so you can tone more than just your legs.  It motivates you physically, spiritually and mentally, which is why we just can’t get enough!


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Pilates on steroids! But really, it is one of the hardest workouts we’ve ever done (and a favorite of our Founder, Samantha Steen). SLT is 50 minutes of toning, moving, and maintaining your form, (not to mention soreness for days to come!) What we love most about this class? The results! While many workout classes can make you bulkier from all the muscle, SLT is meant to tone and lengthen your muscles to give you those lean results. Get ready to be addicted to SLT!



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Don’t let the word “bootcamp” intimidate you - actually, let it intimidate you. This class is for those who are prepared to have a powerful workout.  There's a reason why this class is called “the 1000 calorie workout.”  Some say there are no classes that are more intense, and no instructors that will push you as hard as the ones at Barry’s.  Barry's Bootcamp combines intense cardio with strength training in every class. Be prepared to sweat more than you ever have! Best part? The smoothies at the end!


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Who doesn’t want to get modelfit?  The director of this class is Justin Gelband, also known as “The Model Whisperer.” Gelband has spent years working with Victoria’s Secret Angels, Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and other high-profile clients. ModelFIT incorporates a mix of Pilates, Yoga, movement, motion, balance stability, functional training and more.  There different levels of class you can do, from beginner to ones that incorporate boxing, sculpting and more. Are you prepared to get your ModelFIT on?

Pure Barre

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Barre classes are ballet-inspired workout classes that seem to be all the rage right now! Barre focuses on low impact movements, which are tiny maneuvers that you’ll repeat so many times you think your body parts might actually fall off. This class is for the girl who is sick of her traditional workouts, or perhaps wants a change up from the regular Pilates or yoga.  No need to have experience in ballet the moves are easy to follow, it’s the repetition that will get to you!