We’re all guilty of it - sitting around with our girlfriends on a Saturday night, imagining our lives as the characters from Sex and the City. As we nitpick each characters’ traits and compare them to our group of friends, we can’t help but think: who is the promiscuous one? The workaholic? The innocent and conservative one? And of course, who is the charismatic and witty writer? Not only do these four women have such contrasting personalities, they also each have their own distinct sense of style. Our Cami Crew experts have selected a Cami that complements each characters unique persona.

Samantha, the PR princess is work hard, play hard. The hot pink High Top is perfect for her bold and fun personality.  When it comes to Carrie, the cobalt Racer instantly comes to mind.  I mean, she does need to make sure that her cobalt Cami matches her infamous cobalt Manolo's. We can definitely envision Miranda, the career-minded lawyer, rocking the black Scoop under a pant suit.  And of course, the delicate and elegant Sweetheart in blush would match perfectly with Charlottes character.

Which Cami represents your inner Sex & The City character?